戻る体験者の声 田邊 里佳

田邊 里佳(TANABE Rika)





When I was in the United States, I set one goal. I think it’s going to be the biggest goal remaining in my college life: “To transfer to another college abroad”. That’s my goal. I know it’s not easy to achieve. There are a lot of challenges which I must overcome, but I got a lot of confidence during AUAP.

I was the leader of the 1st University of Utah program students from Asia University. I didn’t expect to be selected as a leader, but Rebecca, who was our homestay manager, selected me when we met her at the Salt Lake City airport. Of course, I was so surprised and flustered, but my friend Yuki said, “She’s going to be a good leader.” with a big smile.

Then I forced myself to be a leader, and I set two goals to be a good leader: the first was to be a good example for next students, and the second was if someone seems like they are having a hard time speaking English, I’ll give them the chance to be friends with those who are not Japanese speakers. In the first session, those things were hard to try, because I couldn’t adapt myself to the local environment perfectly at that time, and so I couldn’t make a lot of friends who were not Japanese speakers to introduce to other Asia University students. I was so disappointed. I asked myself many times why I couldn’t. I thought I was trying my best to adapt myself to the environment. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. I needed to spend much energy for that than I thought, but I didn’t know how I could do more.

When I had been troubled by this problem, I met some men. All of them were Taiwanese, and they had their quit jobs to study English. One of changed my life a lot. He is an engineer, and 26 years old. When we met for the first time, we felt we have similar personalities. We like joking, we are not shy, we’re comfortable to speak English, and we have strong motivations to speak English, so we became friends immediately. We always hung out after school and talked about our dreams. I loved that time. He always said “I want to get a job in the U.S, because I feel America has a lot of possibilities which I can use to develop that I can’t get in Taiwan. That’s why I quit my job to come here to study English. I’m older than you. I have more risk and less time to spend time than you. It means you can still do everything. You can try everything you want. You still have enough time. Get knowledge from college to be good global person, and don’t focus on just passing exams.” I still remember those words clearly and they keep my motivation high. After I’d met him, I forced myself again to start studying more harder than the first session. Therefore, I got the student of the month award. Students who are most active and do their best can get this one. I made it!

Of course, my English skills improved a lot, but English is just a tool. The more important thing is context. What I say in English. Now I can see Japan from a totally different view, and I really like studying and getting knowledge, because I know what the most important thing to do is while I am still a college student. It’s not a part time job. It’s not a student club. It’s getting knowledge and using it! I got a lot of friends who have similar goals like mine. Most of my friends who are Taiwanese are still in the U.S. The time when I hung out with them was so wonderful. I really miss them. Especially the one who told me those great words. He gave me the chance to consider my future deeply it and changed me a lot.

Before I went to the U.S., I couldn’t imagine my future clearly, but now I can. I want to work to prevent the extinction of animals and for developing countries in the future. I want to consider how nature and humans can coexist together. That is the most interesting thing to me. In AUAP, we couldn’t take regular classes, but in AUEP we can, so I want to go abroad again as an AUEP student. This is my first step to being closer to my big dream. I’ve already started progressing towards that. AUAP shook my life up. I was so glad to go there.







留学後の成果~My Before After~

体験者の声 柴崎 彩夏