Industry research and mock interviews


Industry and Occupation research Group

Human resource managers from companies are invited as Lecturer to explain the sense of mission and significance of people working in each industry.
industry research week
Industry briefings are held on campus by inviting personnel managers from companies representing each industry. By looking across the industry, we can see the existence of companies that we do not usually have the opportunity to come into contact with. We provide a place to discover new companies.

Participating companies (2022 results)

industry Company name
Bank Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
gameGungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
Manufacturer (food) Nihon Shokuken HD Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer (Logistics)Nitori HD Co., Ltd.
Trading company (food) Kokubu Group Headquarters Co., Ltd.
transportationEast Japan Railway Company (JR East)
media, U-turnNiigata Daily
Manufacturer (food) Itoham Yonekyu HD Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer (Housing) Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer (OA equipment) Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
Trading company (semiconductor) Marubun Co., Ltd.
general contractor Maeda Road Co., Ltd.
HotelJR West Hotel Development Co., Ltd.

Mock interview by HR personnel

Conducted “mock interviews” with HR personnel assuming actual interviews.
Full of practical advice, it is a great resource for job hunting.
Mock interview by HR personnel
Personnel personnel in charge of corporate personnel in each industry conduct “mock interviews” assuming the actual interview. This is your chance to directly see and hear from HR staff how you have been preparing for your desired industry for full-fledged job hunting. Check the difference in perspective between the student and the person in charge of personnel affairs and what needs to be corrected, and hone your practical communication skills.

With the cooperation of HR personnel who conduct recruitment interviews at companies, we conduct mock interviews with students that are just like actual interviews, and provide interview guidance along with specific and appropriate advice.
Sometimes harsh opinions are issued, but as the saying goes, ``good medicine tastes bitter'', good advice often hurts your ears. The words of the interviewer, who truly cares about the students and gives them empathetic guidance, is a great source of inspiration for the students' job hunting activities.
(Updated July 20, 2023)
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