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Asia University unique career support site "Asia Career Cafe" covers everything from how to spend your university life to information on job hunting, and you can record your achievements in classes and extracurricular activities, which is also useful for reviewing.
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What you can do at “Asia Career Cafe”

Job hunting competency diagnosis (Sprout)

“Competency” refers to “behavioral characteristics (ability to act) that lead to results and achievements.” The "Job Hunting Competency Diagnosis" measures students' thinking and behavioral tendencies, and diagnoses their ability to act (competencies) that can be useful in the business world.
In addition to being able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses through competency diagnosis, it is also an opportunity to know how well you fit the image of the person that the company is looking for, and how to approach the image of the person you are aiming for.

Ability to measure

1. Ability to respond to requests
(1) Customer orientation (the ability to consider others)
② Consultation (ability to help others)
(3) Partnership (the ability to cooperate with others)
2. Power to create new value
① Analytical thinking (ability to understand things)
(2) Information orientation (ability to gather information)
(3) Concept formation (ability to generate ideas)
3. the power to change something
① Decision-making management (ability to judge things)
(2) Strategy formulation (ability to formulate strategies)
Four. Ability to do things properly
(1) Achievement-oriented ability (the ability to carry through the plan)
(2) Ability to utilize resources (ability to manage what is needed)
③ Process management (ability to think about procedures)
Five. power to make the most of oneself
① Communication (Ability to listen and speak)
(2) Time management (ability to meet time and deadlines)
(3) Adaptability (the ability to respond to change)
6. power to keep each other alive
①Leadership (the power to pull people around)
(2) Ability to nurture (the ability to nurture people)
(3) Organizational strength
To develop your competencies
What these six powers have in common is the ability to think and act for oneself.
Thinking, acting, and overcoming the various problems you face during your student life will be a shortcut to improving your competencies. It is important to understand your current competencies early on and set goals for how you can develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Written exam preparation

In the recruitment of private companies, the written test preparation Guidance conducted before the interview is delivered on demand and can be studied repeatedly.

self-analysis work

On the site, you can do self-analysis work to think deeply about what your appeal is that you should appeal to companies, and practice how to write your resume. You can work as many times as you want until you are satisfied.
(Updated July 20, 2023)
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