Internship (work experience, etc.)


What is work experience?

Create a “problem awareness” in choosing a future career options, and improve a “sense of purpose” for classes and student life.
An internship (work experience, etc.) is a work experience related to your future career for a certain period of time at various workplaces such as companies, government offices, and non-profit organizations while you are in school (during summer vacation, etc.). There are various types, from several days to several weeks, and you can experience practical work related to your own interests, goals, and future career options in the real world. Aiming to become a civil servant, there are also students who undergo Practicum at city halls and public offices.
work experience
By experiencing an internship (work experience, etc.), you will develop a "problem awareness" in choosing your future career options, and by discovering what you should do, it is also an opportunity to improve your "sense of purpose" in classes and student life. Become. Furthermore, by thinking about one's own aptitude and ability, there is also the purpose of preventing mismatches after employment.

As a point of caution regarding employment, as a general rule, students are responsible for all expenses related to internships (work experience, etc.), including transportation and accommodation expenses, for paid part-time jobs (accepting institution Depending on the situation, there may be charges, transportation expenses, and necessary expenses such as lunch.)

Three opportunities that can be obtained through internships (work experience, etc.)

  • It will be a "cue" to change the vague image of work and work into a concrete recognition.
  • Responsible tasks will give you the opportunity to “test” your strengths and skills.
  • You can get "raw information" from people who are actually working, and you can meet the target person (career model).

3 effects obtained from internships (work experience, etc.)

  • Through work experience, you can understand the importance of learning at university.
  • By learning about companies and industries, you can understand how society works.
  • By knowing your current situation, you can understand your "strengths and weaknesses" that can be used in society.

Type of work experience

(1) Lesson-type work experience (course type)

Work experience Practicum during the long vacation period (spring and summer) is incorporated into Subject, and Credit are certified based on the evaluation of Lecture and Practicum.
Classes consist of Lecture ➡ pre-training ➡ Practicum training ➡ review, so you can deepen your understanding of work. Depending on Subject, you may be able to experience working abroad.
Depending on Subject, the requirements for registration and the number of Practicum days differ. Please check the syllabus before registering.
Please be sure to enroll in "Internship Insurance" at least 5 days prior to Practicum.

(2) Open recruitment internship, etc. (self-exploration type)

The student himself/herself searches for companies/organizations where he/she can have work experience and applies directly, and Credit are not recognized. Collect information from company websites and job information websites, and submit the required documents according to the application guidelines.
Depending on the company/organization, it may be decided whether or not to accept the applicant after screening.
Information sent to the university from companies and organizations can be viewed at Career Center.
You may not be able to apply without going through the university (government offices, etc.). In that case, please contact Career Center.
Be sure to enroll in "internship insurance" before Practicum (enrollment window: Career Center).
(Updated July 20, 2023)
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