Study abroad at Intensive Japanese Course


6 points to learn in Intensive Japanese Course

You can study from Japanese language to Graduate School on the same campus
There is Entrance Examination by Recommendation System allows students to advance to Asia University from Intensive Japanese Course.

Consistent guidance by homeroom teacher system
For Japanese language studies, we have a homeroom teacher who provides individualized learning and career options guidance.
Unique scholarship system of our university
Scholarships are provided to Intensive Japanese Course.
Learn on a university campus
Intensive Japanese Course 's classrooms are located on Asia University 's Musashino campus. You can also use the university's "Library (Library Administration)", "Student Cafeteria", and "training gym", so you can study in the same environment as Asian university students.
Interact with Japanese and multinational students
Student exchanges are thriving at Asia University. We hold International Party and camps every year. In addition, there are many opportunities to experience Japanese culture, such as exchange meetings with local residents and homestay programs.
A quiet cultural area 20 minutes from Shinjuku and 30 minutes from Shibuya
Musashisakai, where Asia University is located, is conveniently located 20 minutes from Shinjuku in the city center and 30 minutes from Shibuya. It is also adjacent to Kichijoji, one of the top cities to live in in Japan, and you can study and live in peace in a quiet environment surrounded by greenery.

Message from Faculty

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Professor ITO Yuko, Head of the Department Intensive Japanese Course

Learning a language means learning about the society and culture in which that language is used. And by learning a language, you can open the door to a different world. There will be many new encounters and discoveries waiting on the other side.
We look forward to meeting all of you who are trying to open the door to Japanese. We hope that many people from many countries will come to Japan, interact with many Japanese people, understand the differences in culture and values, and become our good friends.
Mr. Ito

I am preparing and waiting for interesting and fun classes

Professor SHIMIZU Jun, Senior Staff Special Subjects Intensive Japanese Course

Thank you for choosing Japanese out of the many foreign languages! ! As a Japanese teacher, I am very happy.
Intensive Japanese Course attracts International Student from all over the world with their own dreams. A year of learning Japanese while talking and helping each other with friends with different cultures and customs will be a special time in your life.
Our teachers are preparing "interesting and enjoyable classes" so that you can use Japanese to obtain information, deepen your knowledge, and express your ideas.
Let's spend a fulfilling time working towards your big goals!
Photo Mr. Shimizu

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<General Application Guidelines/Application Form>

<Scholarships International Student from ASEAN Countries: Special Course Application Guidelines and Application>

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