Voices of International Students(English)

Sawedgrod Kittitatch
Sawedgrod Kittitatch
From Thailand, Faculty of Urban Innovation, Department of Urban Innovation
Accumulating the latest knowledge to resolve urban issues and become a community innovator

Q. What made you decide on the Faculty of Urban Innovation?

I chose it because I was interested in community development. I learned about the Asia University study abroad program while I was studying Japanese at a university in Thailand. I thought I had better invest in my own potential rather than regret it later, so I decided to study abroad.

Q. What are you especially focused on studying in the Faculty of Urban Innovation?
Currently, I’m learning about what is necessary for the creation of comfortable urban spaces. All of the topics we learn about in our classes are intriguing, from business administration and sociology, to urban planning and big data. In my second year, I even participated in a work experience at a global company.

The Data Sciences minor is a program in which students systematically learn about data sciences, and is available to students in all faculties.

Q. Why did you decide to do a minor in data sciences?
I like PC gaming, and would like to create my own games. I chose the data sciences minor because it allows me to study various programming languages and tools for that purpose.

Q. What kind of things are you learning by minoring in data sciences?
We have fun in our classes while studying about the latest technologies such as deep learning. Two experiences that left an impression on me in a class called the “Data Sciences Application Project” were controlling a drone via artificial intelligence, and using programming to compose music.

Q. Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
After gaining experience in Japan, my dream is to start my own company in Thailand. I would like to become an innovator who can make a difference in Bangkok, which is a large metropolis facing issues like traffic jams and air pollution. I would also like to share the wonders of Japan’s culture and subcultures with the world.
Tran My Linh
Tran My Linh
From Vietnam, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration
I want to work in tourism between Japan and my home country!

Q. Why did you choose Asia University as your study abroad destination?
At the time I was majoring in Japanese at a university specializing in foreign languages in Hanoi, Vietnam. I was able to get a scholarship from Asia University, so I decided to use that chance to study abroad in Japan. In the future I am interested in working in marketing or product development, so I chose the Faculty of Business Administration.

Q. What makes you glad that you attend Asia U?
At Asia University I made friends from many countries and regions, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, and of course, Japan. Everyone is friendly, and I am always inspired by them. It’s also reassuring to know that you can consult with the staff at the International Center about not only your studies but also life matters.

Q. Which class is most interesting to you?
My marketing classes in general are especially interesting. In these classes we learn about the continuous workflow from market research to product development in order to provide products that customers want. The class called “Managerial Marketing Theory” in particular is very interesting, as we are able to learn about marketing using things such as recent commercials.

Q. In the future, how would you like to use what you learned in university? Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
I’d like to utilize the knowledge I’ve acquired while attending university and find a job in Japan. In addition to Japanese, I’m also studying English and Chinese, so I’m interested in getting a job that is related to travel. After gaining experience in Japan, my dream is to eventually work in the tourism industry in Vietnam.
Le Viet Tan Phat
Le Viet Tan Phat
From Vietnam, Faculty of International Relations, Department of International Relations
Gaining specialist knowledge and language skills

Q. Why did you choose Asia University as your study abroad destination?
I attended Asia University’s Intensive Japanese Course, on which I studied Japanese for one year and then entered the Faculty of International Relations. I chose Asia University because I thought it would allow me to utilize my English and Japanese skills while developing diverse perspectives in a world that is continually globalizing. In order to make that a reality, I hope to gain various types of knowledge at this university.

Q. What are you studying in the Department of International Relations?
We study about the SDGs, issues faced by developing countries, and the global economy. From the second year, I chose to study the Economics and Business course, where we focus on learning about things such as the structure of companies under advancing globalization, and marketing.

Q. What do you like about Asia University?
Since Asia U has good scholarship programs and support structures for international students, we are able to focus on our studies while at the same time enjoying life in Japan. Since there are not only Japanese students but also international students from many different countries, attending Asia U enables you to make all kinds of new acquaintances and expand your relationships.

Q. In the future, how would you like to use what you learned in university? Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
I would like to attend graduate school and conduct research with a focus on marketing. After finishing graduate school, I hope to get a job at a multinational company in Japan and serve in a bridging role between Japan and Vietnam. Looking ten years down the road, I also have a big dream of introducing Vietnam’s specialty coffee products to the Japanese market and starting my own company.


Sawedgrod Kittitatch
都市创造系 都市创造学科

Q. 你选择都市创造系的理由和动机是什么?
是因为我对“城市建设”感兴趣。在泰国大学学习日语时,得知有一个亚细亚大学留学项目,我想,“与其将来后悔,不如为自己的可能性投资,” 于是我决定了来日本留学。

Q. 你在都市创造系最下功夫学的是哪些内容?


Q. 请你讲一下你学习数据科学副专业课程的理由是什么。

Q. 你在数据科学副专业课程中学习了哪些内容?
我学习了深度学习(Deep Learning)等我最感兴趣的尖端技术。还有,“数据科学应用项目”中利用人工智能(AI)控制无人机、通过编程进行作曲等课程都给我留下了深刻的印象。

Q. 你未来的目标和理想是什么?
Tran My Linh

Q. 请你讲一下选择来亚细亚大学留学的理由。

Q. 你在哪些方面觉得选择亚细亚大学是一个正确的选择?

Q. 你最感兴趣的授课内容是什么?

Q. 你打算将来如何运用在大学学到的知识?你的理想和目标是什么?
Le Viet Tan Phat
国际关系系 国际关系学科

Q. 请你讲一下来亚细亚大学留学的理由。



Q. 你打算将来如何运用在大学学到的知识?你未来的理想和目标是什么?



Voices of International Students(English)

Message from a student who is enrolled in the Graduate School of Asia University.
From China, Graduate School of Asian & International Business Strategy
It is my sixth year at Asia University of Japan (AU). At AU, the four-year study in the undergraduate courses includes professional courses as well as courses from other faculties. Additionally, there are also exchange opportunities for students to study at different universities in other countries. During these 6 years, I have built up positive relationships with the professors who are professional and responsible.

After I finish studying graduate course, I have not only gained relevant knowledge by learning from and communicating with professors, but also developed a solid understanding of my research direction.

AU highly values the life and safety of foreign students in Japan. Therefore, the International Student Services Division has been sat up to look after the international students. This division is distinct from other universities. All in all, the AU has responsible teachers and professional courses. We look forward to your coming.



高 亮
来自中国 (太原市) 亚洲・国际经营战略研究科

时间真是个奇妙的东西,他总是在你不经意间悄然流逝。从我高中毕业后决定留学日本,来到了亚细亚大学,转 眼间即将大学院修士毕业。可以说在亚细亚大学学习的这几年,是一个使我成长成熟的过程。通过在这里很长时间的学习,我对亚细亚这所大学有着这样一个认识, 在这里只要你勤奋努力、积极好学,就会有很多的资源和机会供你选择。


首先,对于准备来日本求学的同学来说,免不了会有这样那样的一些顾虑。是的,大家独自一人异国求学,也许有时会感到疲惫,甚至失落。可这并不是我在亚细亚 大学留学的主旋律,在这所大学里有来自许多国家的留学生,你有许多的机会与他们接触交流,相信用不了多久大家便会成为朋友。

张 迪
来自中国 (辽宁省葫芦岛市) 亚洲・国际经营战略研究科


当时日语专业出身的我,对经营学一无所知。学校专门为我们这些国内编入入学的留学生们开设了经营学初级入门课程。亚细亚大学有优秀的教学团队,这里的老师 不仅有丰富的专业知识和教学经验,作为这所把国际化教学作为重点开展的优秀学府的教师而言,他们非常重视与留学生的交流。我到现在都还清晰的记得,教课的 老师们为了配合我们放慢语速,不停的询问我们有哪里不会,哪里听不懂,亲切关心的语气到现在依然历历在目。在老师们的帮助下,慢慢的我对会计学产生了浓厚 的兴趣并考取了会计方面的簿记资格证,这对我找工作也起到了很大的帮助。大四面临毕业的时候,刚刚品尝到会计学美好滋味的我想到进入研究生进修两年,学校 为成绩优秀的留学生们提供了丰富的奖学金资源,从国费到各种财团的奖学金供我们选择,从申请到资料审核,留学生支援课的老师们给予我们很大的帮助。在老师 们的帮助下,我申请到了日本政府国费奖学金,不仅免除了研究生的学费,每个月还可以得到足够生活的奖学金,这满足了我不必打工可以专攻学业的愿望。在亚 大,我最大的感触就是,只要你足够努力,学校会为我们完成学业提供很多优秀的机会和保障。在这里,努力了就一定会有收获。

在生活方面,初到日本心怀不安的我们更是得到了亚细亚大学留学生支援科的老师们无微不至的帮助。从找房子到购置 生活用品,从办理电话上网等等各种手续再到旅游打工等等各种课外业余活动,每天去留学生支援科与老师们进行交流成为了我们每日的必修课。他们对于我们留学 生而言,不仅仅是老师,更像是家人。晃眼间,来到日本已经四年多了,在亚细亚这座世界舞台上不仅结识了很过日本朋友,在学校组织的各种活动中也认识了来自 世界各地的留学生们,使我们在完成学业的同时也开拓了视野。

时光飞逝,转眼间我就要毕业了,离开这座教会我太多的校园,走进社会的舞台。在留学生支援科和就职支援课老师们 的帮助下,我拿到了日本松下公司总部的内定。听到这个消息,老师们比我还要高兴,是的,在这四年中,我们已经成为了家人,这座充满魅力的学府,是我永远的 家,是我走进社会打拼时,永远在背后支撑我的力量。今后无论走到哪里,我都要大声的说一句:我爱亚大!


Voices of International Students

A message from an international student enrolled in our Intensive Japanese Course.
Soo Khai Jing
Soo Khai Jing
from Malaysia, Intensive Japanese Course
To be quite honest, at first I had never heard of Asia University. It was by sheer luck and coincidence that I met a senior that had graduated from this university that I got the chance to come study here. It was thanks to the ASEAN scholarship that I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of studying abroad in the land of the rising sun, Japan.

After studying for a year in the Japanese Intensive Course, also known as Bekka, I can tell you that it has been an amazing ride and I don’t regret even for a second for having come here to pursue my further studies. For the past year, I can verify that my ability to speak Japanese has skyrocketed and I have little to no problem communicating and saying my thoughts out loud in Japanese, of which I was not able to do before I had entered the Japanese Intensive Course.
Not only that, this opportunity has given me the chance to interact with people from all over the world and not just those whom are from my own country or Japan. I have made some great friends, most of which are from various different ASEAN countries and they have been really supportive and fun to be along with.

Not only that, the teachers in Asia University is also all so friendly and helpful. Whenever you have anything in mind, just hit them up and they will be sure to come to your aid! No matter if it’s questions related to life in Japan, further studies, or even more personal matters, they will surely help if it is within their power.

Studying in Asia University has also taught me one important thing in life, which is to hold responsibility for yourself and others. Throughout this entire year, I have learned to become a better and more mature human being, of which I am sure would not have been possible had I just compromised and pursued my studies in a university in my own country. I have also become more self-confident with myself thanks to this opportunity, and have learned that most of the time, it really is not that you are not able to achieve something great, it is just that you don’t have the courage to step out of your own comfort zone and try something new. That part is important, and is essential to anyone looking to grow as a person, and to achieve greater things.

All in all, I highly recommend anyone who has even the slightest interest in this university to give it a shot. I can guarantee that it will be a life-changing experience to you, just like it has been to me. Come, and broaden your horizons in Asia University!

Soo Khai Jing
From Republic of Indonesia, Intensive Japanese Course
Hello! I am Farha Lubna Azuria, a foreign student from Indonesia.
I have studied Japanese for the past 1 year at Asia University's Intensive Japanese course. I really feel the improvement on my Japanese during the intensive year, I learned so much from every aspect of Japanese from grammar, letter, writing, speaking, listening and also the culture.

In Japanese intensive class we also had a lot of chances to do exchange culture with our friends from various countries, not only learning more about Japanese culture but also how it is in our culture and compare it to how it is here in Japan. From the conversation we had every day with the class member and friendly Japanese teachers, we could see so many things from different cultural point of views. That is making us knowing more about our own identity as a citizen of our own country.
All the teachers are so dedicated, friendly, and also have lots of knowledge in other field, we could experience how Japan is through their story and teaching.

We also given chance to experience some of Japanese culture and daily life by doing a field trip to Japanese traditional tourism object and also Japanese local school.As a foreign student, being away from the family is not easy. However, with this program, I found a new family, a new perspective in life, the value of family and friends, and other things I never expected to understand before.
And those things are really enrich my experience and knowledge as human being.

Farha Lubna Azuria
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