4 years of consistent support


Support unique to Asia University

We support each student throughout the four years so that each student can shape their future image.

Employment rate

Employment rate
(May 1, 2023)

Company Discovery Fair Participating Companies

Company Discovery Fair Participating Companies

Extensive online support

Extensive online support

Backing up the coexistence of students belonging to club activities

Backing up the coexistence of students belonging to club activities

4 years of consistent support

We provide comprehensive support for 4 years to help you "learn" at university into "what you want to be".
Student life is also an important time to design your future self. In order to connect "learning" at university to "who you want to be", Career Center offers a variety of career and employment support programs throughout the four years from the time of admission.
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1st and 2nd year

What does "work" mean? Create a foundation for who you want to be

Career education at Asia University starts from the first year. Instead of thinking about finding a job in your third year, we hope that by drawing up a grand design for your university life from the moment you enroll, you will have a fulfilling university life, which will lead to an increase in your ability to find employment. Because I'm thinking about it.
As an educational tool for this purpose, we have established the career support site `` Asia Career Cafe'', which has a lineup of content that will help you think about career options after graduating from university.
In addition, we provide career support based on three points: "self-awareness," "vocational exploration," and "career design" in order to select a desirable career.
In "self-awareness," students deepen their self-understanding through the use of tools such as aptitude tests and interviews with career consultants.
In ``vocational exploration,'' students have the opportunity to attend workshops using specialized tools and visit workplaces in order to deepen their knowledge of occupations and job content.
In "Career Design," we will draw up a grand design for your university life in order to become the person you want to lead in life.
Additionally, Career Center offers programs that students can participate in individually or in groups outside of their regular class hours.

Guidance, aptitude test, individual consultation

In addition to Guidance for 1st and 2nd year students (occasional), we also have initiatives in place that allow senior year students to participate in job Guidance. By knowing the movements of students from the lower grades to the upper grades, you will be able to do your job hunting in a planned manner at your own pace without having to rush. Also, by learning information about the company from an early stage, I can connect it with my own learning and become aware of the skills I lack.
aptitude test
Based on your wishes, we will conduct an assessment (job interest test and general occupational aptitude test). In college life, we will use it as reference data to think about what we should do to develop our strengths, know our weaknesses, and what we need to do to improve even a little.
Individual interview
We will answer anything you may not know about, such as future prospects and anxieties, as well as the manners and mindset needed to become a working adult. We will provide advice to help students realize that their daily experiences are connected to their future, such as the connection between their university studies and their future. We will also give you advice when going for an internship.

3rd year

Understand your strengths and find a job you want

The second half of university life has come to an end, and it's time to start job hunting.
In order to fully prepare for corporate employment exams, we hold a number of preparation Course and general Guidance. We will also develop "group consultations," which will be held in groups such as seminars, clubs, and friends, to share information through job hunting and to help resolve questions and worries about employment.
The job hunting support tool site ``Asia Career Cafe'' is very useful for researching the industry and type of job you are aiming for. The content includes self-analysis, research on industries, companies, and occupations, as well as information on preparation for selection exams, such as entry sheets, written exams, and interview preparation. In addition, this site organizes necessary information and preparations according to the student's job hunting preparation status, and provides an environment where students can "self-run" through personal work etc. 24 hours a day, anywhere.
Before the actual job-hunting season begins, in addition to Guidance for third-year students, we also provide the latest job information from industry job research groups, company discovery fairs, joint company research groups, and seniors who have just finished job-hunting. Employment support events such as "Meetings to talk with prospective employees" will be held where you can catch up on the future. By clearing each of these points one by one, students will naturally acquire the skills necessary for job hunting, and when the selection process begins, they will be able to prepare and carry out their activities with confidence.
  • About internship
  • What should I do for job hunting?
  • Written test preparation ~How to solve SPI3 (non-verbal problems)~
  • Self-analysis - How to write a resume and ES -
  • Research industries and companies
  • Group consultation (online)
  • Resume writing Course
  • Group discussion Course
  • financial industry
  • Interview preparation Course

4th year

Job hunting is finally here! act with confidence

When job hunting, instead of comparing yourself to others, choosing a company that satisfies you without haste will lead to success. At Career Center, we will continue to provide individual guidance until graduation, and will support each student until the end without giving up on their job search.
  • On-campus company information session
  • Job introduction fair

All-out support from teachers and seniors

It doesn't matter how many supporters you have.
Because everyone pushes your back, you are not alone.
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Career Center
Career Center
If you can find a purpose, it will lead you to the goal!
If you have any questions, Career Center will be able to answer any questions you may have.
We listen carefully to the students' stories and spend time together searching for their own meaning of work. If you find your purpose, there are many staff members who will help you reach your goal.
Seminar teachers are also good sources of advice for finding employment.
At Asia University, as part of the first-year education, we are implementing "seminar-specific Guidance for new students" university-wide. Starting from the early grades, the seminar provides an opportunity for students to talk about their future career options and employment opportunities.
The teacher in charge will provide consultation regarding job hunting and may also provide interview guidance.
Share the latest job information with your friends and juniors!
Students from all departments and grades study at Musashino Campus on one campus.
We have an environment in which seniors and juniors work together in various situations, such as seniors in clubs and circles, open campus concierges, and assistant students Freshmen Orientation, and you have the opportunity to hear advice on job hunting directly from seniors.
club activities
Supporting job hunting through extracurricular activities, etc.
Employees other than Career Center also serve as advisors for Asia University 's club and club activities, working together with Career Center to support students in balancing club and club activities with job hunting.
company personnel manager
company personnel manager
Specific, practical advice
At Asia University 's employment support events, there are many projects where you can hear directly from corporate human resource managers about the latest recruitment information, the type of human resources that are currently in demand, and more. In addition, you can receive specific and practical guidance in mock interviews where company personnel personnel conduct interviews and give advice.
Supporting job hunting activities as a parent and senior member of society
Parents' meetings are held all over the country in order to maintain close communication between the parents of current students who support their children's job hunting activities and our university. In addition to general explanations about the employment situation, individual interviews are also held, and advice is given on how to interact with children who are looking for a job.
Career Center
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